Standard Of Excellence Book I Has The Answer To Everything

For a family of music lovers, this book is so essential and we enjoy every pages of it. This amazing book, standard of excellence book 1 combines different approach with music principle from training to composition, everything you need to learn is in this book. I am so glad that one of my nephews got this as his birthday present and he’s just so happy he doesn’t know what to react the first time he saw it. For sure when he finished reading this one, he will be an expert one. Oh, I can’t wait for that time, make us proud!

Reasons Why People Like SherryLondon

Reasons Why People Like SherryLondon

Be a head-turner and steal the scene by wearing glamorous and sophisticated evening dresses. Us, women want to stand out from the crowd and be the queen of the night in every events, gathering and whatnot. The only way to become one is to get fabulous long evening dresses at one of my favorite online shop – Sherry London. They are an online retailer of dresses for different occasion, be it the latest style or the classic styles you will be able to find it at their website. It is a one stop shop and I am loving it as I’m able to order Evening maxi dresses, Prom dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, Plus-size evening dresses, Cocktail Party dresses, Evening dresses UK and Homecoming dresses easily.

If you order today, for example you want to buy that glam Red evening dresses you can easily place it for two reasons, first is the price is very reasonable and at the same time we are sure that it has the highest quality materials. I’m not surprised that the dresses are very comfy to wear. For payments, they offer VISA & MASTERCARD Payment so you can fully trust Sherry London when it comes to online shopping. The best thing is your items will be delivered right at your door step. You do not need to go out, shell out cash for gas or waste time on traffic and long lines at store’s counters.

Perfect timing as I need a Black evening dresses for a special event next month. I am so happy I found some designs to my liking. Take a look at these dazzling dresses…

What else can you ask for?! They have the top and finest dresses that is perfect for that special occasion and it is worth your money. If you want to be the Queen at every happenings grab that eye-catching dresses at SherryLondon.


3 Steps to No Pores

It’s a brand new day and time to doll-up. You face the mirror and see those huge pores Ugh! Yes that’s one of those irritating problems and biggest complaints, you’re not alone!

Here’s the 3 Steps to No Pores

1. Cleanse – Pores is visible when they are clogged with dirt. Make sure your face is clean by using the right facial wash.
2. Exfoliates – Washing your face alone is not enough. Free up those pores by exfoliating at least once a week.
3. Correct – No time and need to hid those pores ASAP? Fret not, Apply a quality primer to your face before applying your foundation.


 photo Banila Co Clean it Zero 3_zpsv4qtacd5.jpg

Banila Co Clean It Zero

Korea’s number 1 makeup cleanser. In 2015 the Clean It Zero line sold at a staggering rate of 1 every 4.8 seconds An award-winning sorbet-like cleanser that goes on as a solid balm and transforms into a silky oil that dissolves makeup and other impurities without being too harsh on the ski. Papaya extract works to naturally exfoliate the skin while Acerola extract helps to brighten your complexion.

 photo St.Ives Apricot Scrub_zpsycewrnoq.jpeg

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Cleanser
St Ives Apricot Cleanser is designed for use with oily skin that’s prone to blemishes. Its lovely apricot fragrance is very soothing. This skin-care cleanser comes in a 6.5-oz bottle so you can enjoy it for days.

  • Ideal for oily/blemish-prone skin
  • Oil-free cleanser

 photo clean_it_zero_-_foam_cleanser_1024x1024_zpsywnugciz.jpg

Clean it Zero Foam Cleanser

Naturally derived cleanser foams into a moisture-rich lather to gently cleanser, soften and enliven the skin.

– Mildly cleanses impurities and makeup with abundant foam
– Vitamin C-rich Rooibos keeps the skin smooth and hydrated
– Use in the morning before putting on any skincare products or makeup. Use at night to cleanse face after removing makeup with Banila Co.’s Clean It Zero balm

 photo banilaco_primeprimermatte_zps1hte6rxu.jpg

Banila Co Prime Primer Classic Matte

Banila Co’s Prime Primer line is considered as Korea’s King of Primers
This award winning primer not only helps your makeup stay put but also provides a clean satin-finish formula that minimizes the appearance of shine, pores, fine lines and creates a smooth, uniform canvas for flawless makeup application.

This variant is recommended for oily skin. Apply a pea-sized amount to your t zone and smooth over clean and moisturized skin prior to foundation or BB/CC cream.


Best Drink Koozie for the Beach and Summer Parties

In addition to your chic bikini and sandal finds, part of your essential beach gear should include a koozie for your drink! There is actually some sound science behind using drink koozies for the beach. Koozies are essential for keeping your drink cooler for longer on a warm day. Here are a few of the best ideas to use for your next drink koozie.


Sleeves are really easy, but don’t get them mixed up with other koozie varieties. Sleeves slip over your can or bottle easily and require no extra work. You can find many in the perfect size for cans and mugs. If you get the washable kind, they are also easy to clean up even if you get sand and mud smeared across them.


This variety is most readily available for bottles thanks to the wide bodies and long necks. Zip-up koozies allow you to easily secure your drink for maximum insulation against the heat. They also act as extra protection for glass bottles – if you drop them, they are not as likely to shatter.


 Choose brightly colored koozies to more easily identify your drink from a distance. This is a great way to personalize your drink and mark it as yours, making sure no one takes it. You might be able to customize one or simply purchase one with spectacular coloring that appeals to you.



Want to add even more flair to your drink koozie? Get a “drink cozy” with an inspirational saying on it. There are many different ones to choose from, or come up with your own saying to decorate a plain one.



If you’ve got the fingers for it or a friend with the know-how, then trying crocheting a unique koozie. Let your imagination go wild and make something that looks like it’s devouring your drink. Go cute with something like a bunny or a kitten. It’s really up to you and your skills. You can add it to your crocheted mermaid tail leg koozie to complete your beach-going look.

Drink koozies are effective accessories for keeping any drink cool while you spend a sunny day at the beach. Go crazy with creativity and set your drink apart from the rest.

Starcaster by Fender

It’s a month of birthday celebration int he family and all we know is to plan where to celebrate the parties and what theme is perfect for each celebrants. Our family loves music and most of all members knows how to play musical instruments and sing professionally too.

The first birthday celebrant will be my Uncle. He just arrived from the states and everyone is excited! Since he is so into musical instruments, I look for a unique yet affordable one online. I am eyeing on the starcaster by fender. If you are a music-lover, you know that this is a must-have. It is the one and only offset-waist semi-hollow electric guitar. Excellent Guitar! Great workmanship& great finish.