Romwe 12 pcs Makeup Brushes

To achieve a flawless makeup look, you should use the right makeup brushes. Why? I have three reasons; your make up will last longer, you will use less product and lastly it will give you a professional finish.

Here’s my new makeup brush set c/o Romwe. I love how the makeup brush set comes in a sturdy Turquoise leather barrel. It’s my favorite color next to Pink *winks.

The makeup brushes are packaged in plastic case. The bristles are so soft and do not shed and it is made of fine goat hair / pony hair/ synthetic hair / nylon hair.

Thumbs up! Totes love it!

Package Contents:
• 12 x Make-up Brush
• 1 x Leather Barrel

L-R - (Angle Contour brush, Flat Paddle Foundation brush, Duo Fibre Foundation/Stippling brush, Powder/Blush  brush)

Angle Contour brush - Aside from contouring,  it is also ideal for highlighting also.
Flat Paddle Foundation brush - Use this to apply liquid foundation, brush back and forth until blended on skin. Designed to achieve a smooth and flawless finish.
Duo Fibre Foundation/Stippling brush - Use this to buff cream or liquid foundation with small circular strokes for a natural look effect.
Powder/Blush brush - Perfect tool for applying powder/blush products.

LEFT (TOP-BOTTOM): (Flat Liner brush, Angled eye shadow brush, Blending eye shadow brush, All-over Lid brush)

RIGHT (TOP-BOTTOM): (Small concealer brush, Eyeliner/brow brush, Lip filler brush, Concealer brush)

 Small concealer brush - Conceal small areas of the face for maximum control of coverage. Hides specific imperfections such as blemishes and sun spots too.
 Eyeliner/brow brush - A multi purpose brush use on your lash line as well as on your brows to fill it in.
 Lip filler brush - Perfect for detailing along the lips and to apply color evenly. Always apply lipstick with this. It helps for a long-lasting smooth application plus you use less product with this.
 Concealer brush - Use to cover blemishes and spots perfectly.

What I like about it:
– Easy to carry
– Classy packaging
– Lightweight
– Do not shed
– Affordable

 What I don’t like about it:
– N-O-N-E

Overall rating: 5/5     


- The brushes are great! The brushes are very soft and do not shed. Also, the barrel is very stylish I don’t need to buy a separate brush holder/container for my makeup brushes. I can easily apply makeup and look Alldolled-Up effortlessly.



 FTC:  I am not getting paid to make this review nor affiliated with the company mentioned on this beauty product review. This is my 100% honest opinion.

Doll questions:

1. How many makeup brushes do you own?

2. How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

I hope you enjoyed our mini makeup brushes 101 lesson *winks. Stay tuned for my how-to clean your makeup brushes post.

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The online shop that brings the shopping experience in Asia to the next level

Do you love shopping online? I bet you do as it is the fastest and convenient way to buy shoes that we like, accessories that are eye-catching and clothes that are trendy. I hate going to the mall and wait for long lines when paying the stuff that I’d like to buy geez! it is such a waste of time don’t you think? When I go online, another problem is it takes time to browse different websites just to compare prices, check if they have what I am looking for etc.

Do you encounter these problems too? I have a solution now to save our precious time, check out this website that I discovered recently…

Their slogan is “Your One Stop Shopping Destination” Interesting huh!  And it excites me more to explore their site and to my surprise it is true! They aggregate all the products from the most trusted e-commerce shops in Asia and globally onto one platform: iPrice. It is your helping hand out there in the online shopping jungle of thousands of different websites and millions of different products. From electronics to fashion, toys, home living, even books you’ll find it here and a lot more.

Their website is easy to navigate to. You’ll just go to categories and voila! You have endless options and it excites me with every click *winks.

If you think that’s it, well, hold your horses as they are bringing the online shopping experience in Asia to the next level by providing you with the best coupons, discounts and voucher codes up to 70% that are collected from our affiliates such as Zalora, Lazada, Banana Republic, Romwe and many more!

Make your shopping experience the best one with I price!


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What everyone should know about Galia Lahav

The fashion house “Galia Lahav” is indeed a jaw dropping and I bet you’ve seen these gorgeous bridal gowns online. Galia Lahav is a world-renowned designer with over 30 years of establishment in haute couture dresses. The brand is recognized in Israel and abroad with prestige and elegance.

You’re lucky if you’re able to wear one of these gorgeous dresses on your special day. This is every girl’s dream wedding dress! They have four collections – The Empress Collection, St. Tropez Cruise, Homage to the Sizzling 1920′s and The Lourdes Collection.

NEW YORK CITY! It happened and lucky you if you were able to witness it. I’ve heard they were fully booked.




Top 6 Weird Beauty Tricks


Discovering beauty tricks  is just so awesome! Some says these techniques are kinda weird but it really works!!! We all want to strike a pose in front of our cam looking gorgeous, alldolled-up and perfect so you have to check out my list below for some weird beauty tricks that really works and tell me what’s your favorite trick or sounds interesting to you.

1 PUFFY EYES – Raw potatoes! Place ‘em on your eyes for a couple of minutes and voila! it will cool your eyes and decreases swelling.

2. CELLULITETyra Banks advised to use Coffee grounds as body scrub. It will get rid of dead skin

3. MASCARA MARKS – Plastic spoon is the solution. Hold it just under your eyes while putting on mascara. The excess will go to the spoon and not on your lids.

4. RED FACE – Take anti-histamine. It will reduce redness on your face.

5. NAIL POLISH WITH BUBBLES IN IT – Do not store your nail polish in the bathroom. It should be placed in the fridge. TIP: No time to dry your nail polish? Dip your nails in a bowl that is full of ice!

6. GLITTER NAIL POLISH – It is indeed a nightmare to remove it but we all love glitters don’t we?! Don’t fret! Simply wrap your finger tip in foil and wait for 5 mins. then start removing your Glitter nail polish smoothly.


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Do you know any weird beauty tricks too? Share it in the comments below!

Mid Luxuriant Glamour Black Transparent Stem Eyelash ES-A560 review

Are you blessed with long, think eyelashes? Lucky you! If not, don’t worry coz we have a solution for that -> FALSIES. It gives your eye a doll look and what I love the most about falsies is it saves me time to doll up. No need to apply mascara yeah baby!

I’ve been playing around with lashes for a few years and thanks to my falsies fairy KKCenterHK. I usually wear ‘em on special occasions, photo shoot, date, etc. Also, when I am lazy applying mascara this is my knight and shining armor hi-hi.

This time, I’d like to share with you my ES Handmade Mid Luxuriant Glamour Black Transparent Stem Eyelash ES-A560 review. Again endless thank you KKCenterHK!

PRICE:  $11.40

100% New, 100% Authentic, Handmade Lashes

 10 Pairs in one pack, black lashes and very thin Transparent stem
 Can be re-use if you take them off carefully
 Make your eyes look bigger and attractive
 Handmade eyelashes are very soft
 Suitable For Everyone
 Can be used for party or professional make Up

Head length: 0.8cm
Mid length: 1.2cm
End length: 1.1cm
(Eyelash length is measure by hand, so the above eyelash length is just for reference only.)

 Easy two step application:
1.Check fit-align band with natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary.
2.Apply lashes-secure lash band by pressing onto lash line. To reuse lashes, remove the already used eyelash glue.


Overall rating: 5/5      

ES Handmade Mid Luxuriant Glamour Black Transparent Stem Eyelash [ES-A560] does not come with a glue. I used Etude House eyelash glue and it’s perfect!

If you ask if you can reuse your false eyelashes, the answer is YES! If you don’t use mascara when you wear lashes. To remove the glue from your last use, use tweezers to pull it *winks


- I look so Alldolled-Up yay! I received a lot of compliments and it looks natural on my eyes. It feels like I’m not wearing one. If others has something that gives them an extra boost of confidence like killer heels, great outfits, nice makeup, designer bags, etc. definitely lashes are it for me.

FTC:  I am not getting paid to make this review nor affiliated with the company mentioned on this beauty product review. This is my 100% honest opinion.

Doll questions:

1. What do you think of this falsies?

2. Have you tried false eyelashes?

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Anyone else would like to add more tips on applying falsies?  Share it in the comments below!