Romwe Little Zebra Leggings Big Sale

How are you?

Do you have a classic and versatile item that can highlight most of your daily look in summer?
How about this Little Zebra Leggings?  Black and white, classic ever :)  Also, the leggings have been upgraded a lot comparing with the previous one.
Here are more details:

Lively little zebra for any style you like:

My lovely fans, inner coupon for you: 10%offleggings

Save another 10% for the leggings on 24th April.

Also, as you know, there will be a Big Sale of this leggings: $15.99 on April 24 only, save 36%.

NOTE: are in limited supply and the sale lasts for 24 hours only.

What’s New with AyeshaHeart


Hello dolls! Minna genki? Time flies really fast I can’t believe I will be celebrating my birthday next month yay! I am so excited ^ ^. We still don’t have plans tho as I have no time these past days but hey you can follow me on Instagram for updates *wink wink

Today I’ll be sharing with y’all some amazing photos from my Instagram account

I got these awesome package from BEAUTEQUE.COM and waiting for the product reviews posts to be publish.

I so miss you SUMMER!!! Can’t wait to hit the beach :)

This outfit is so comfy and gorgeous I love it <3 #WIWT

Totally in love with this lippie, can you guess what shade and what brand?

Today is my cheat day! Whoosah! After long hours of work, I deserve these! ^ ^

For more awesome photos, gorgeous OOTD’s, nail art, shopping stuff, good foods, etc. follow me on Instagram now! Don’t forget to say hi :) Xoxo

Happy Easter Day


Easter break is just around the corner.

Have you prepared Easter lily? Have you made Easter eggs? Have you been available for Easter bunny? Have you get ready for Easter sales at Romwe? It’s high time to create a new look for yourself. Throw off your coat, sweater and scarf and embrace a new around of sales of Romwe.

Need new attire for Easter Day? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have tons of adorable girl’s clothes to dress up for Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter day

Up to 75%off. Hurry up!

More than 1000 styles. There is always a suitable one for you!
Start from Apr 15th, end on Apr 22nd.

Shipping within 24 hours.

By the way, the white lace blouse in 3D embroidery will be $11.99 on April 17th, save 64%.

Beginning at 1:00am GMT April 17th,

Lasts only 24 hours, limited pieces available.


Be Inspired


Have you been jealous with other girls who have pretty face? Do you feel upset when your crush doesn’t notice you? Do you feel ugly? Before you think or do anything crazy STOP! Remember God is with you! You are beautiful and no one should judge how you look. Do not think of any negative things because life is beautiful so enjoy it and thank God for everything!

Below are some of inspiring quotes that I saw online…


EVERYONE is beautiful in their own unique way! ♥

I hope this will cheer you up and at least change your mind into positive one *wink wink.



Who Else Wants Masonic Rings


Giving special and unique gift to your someone special is a nice idea so it is a must to get something unusual. Let’s face it, women find it hard to choose what to give to their partner as it is hard to please them. Well say good bye to those difficult times as I’ll be sharing with you what husband and I discovered online.

Even hubby wants one so we decided to look for some masonic rings at I fell in love with the Blue Lodge rings it is so handsome. You can choose from 10K to 14K. It costs $724.97 and it is totally worth the price.

Romwe “Geek” Print Grey T-shirt

You must be very familiar with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. When talking about them,you must come up with a word–geek. In dictionary, geek refers to a person who is preoccupied with or very knowledgeable about computing. It is high time that we redefined the meaning of geek. Nowadays, a geek should be a man pursuing the ultimate not only in computing but in dressing.
To pursue the perfection, ROMWE launch a new product–Geek Print Grey T-shirt. With a “geek” topped, it overshades any other T-shirts of this summer.The color of it is gray which goes well with not only your denim shorts or pants, but also your skirts or leggings. Wearing it, you will feel comfortable because it is the most soft T-shirt I have ever met. It is a T-shirt that you deserve.

Good news is that this ‘Geek’ shirt is on big sale at 1:00am GMT 10th April.


“Geek” Print Grey T-shirt you have never seen before!
Sold at the price of $9.99, original price is $26.99,up to 63%off.
Only 300 units are in stock . Hurry up!
140 pieces for size S,
80 pieces for size M,
80 pieces for size L,
Only at 1:00am GMT April 10th, only 24 hours!
Worldwide free shipping, shipped in 24 hours

WINNERS: March 2014 International Giveaway

Long wait is over here are the lucky winners of our March 2014 International Giveaway

1st-  Xyriel Gonzales
2nd – Ricalyn Garing Abrahan
3rd – Sherry ann gole cruz
4th – Marinela Salamatin Diaz
5th – Marissa Villenueva
6th – Michelle De los Reyes
7th – Judith Albius
8th – Eden Villamore
9th – Apple Garcia
10th – Karen Augustin

Pls contact Lhyzie with your complete details within 48 hours
Email –


Romwe Best of Black + White Stripes


People feel the arrival of spring and it is time to say goodbye to dull gray and stiff look. We need some eye-catching patterns in fresh spring days. Black and white is the fashion arena classic chapter never fade, low-key, sophisticated, elegant, therefore, black and white fluid striped shirt as the most appropriate attire suits all occasions.

White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt
1am 3rd April GMT, lasts only 24 hours!
400 pieces for $9.99! Don’t miss out.
It’ll help you save 75% in total

This amazing black and white fluid striped shirt can absolutely bring you surprise beyond your imagination. How about adding one in your wardrobe? Good news is that this black and white fluid stri pe d shirt is on big sale. And now I have to tell you the latest news about Romwe so that you won’t miss it


New in Romwe: Black Lace Blouse in 3D embroidery

Black is the classic color forever! Do you like it too? The Black lace blouse will be on BIG sale on 27th Feb, $11.99 only!! save 64%.

Starting at 1am 27th March, 24 hours, only 300 pieces available. It will recover to the original price $24.99 on March 28.

Get it here >>

March 2014 International Giveaway



Oh yeah! Here’s another awesome giveaway for y’all! You know I LOVE YOU so check out my latest giveaway here in le blog as I’ve collaborated with Eighteen gorgeous bloggers all over the globe *wink wink

And on top of that, generous sponsors have also contributed to make this awesome giveaway more exciting! I know y’all are excited to see the P-R-I-Z-E-S but lemme tell ya first the important details of this giveaway. Don’t scroll down to the prize pictures yet dolls ^ ^

WHAT: March 2014 International Giveaway

START: March 8,2014

END: April 8, 2014

- Winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter and there will be a total of TEN LUCKY WINNERS 

- To claim the prize, email Lhyzie at with the subject, March 2014 International Giveaway Winner.

- Winners will have 48 hours to contact Lhyzie for their details or else a new winner will be drawn. Don’t miss this chance dolls!

-  1st prize up to 9th prize (INTERNATIONAL)

- 10th prize is only available to Philippines residents.


Joining is easy! All you have to do is complete the Raffle copter below and make sure you do what’s being asked. GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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