A step by step guide on how to apply fake eyelashes effortlessly


Fake eyelashes or Tsukema can make a huge difference to one’s face. You can look dolly with it and Japanese gals or Gyaru regularly wear this to complete their look.

A few says it is hard to apply Tsukema whereas some are worried that it will fall off while chatting with your guy and the like… Fret not dolls, it is just a piece of cake! It’s just a matter of practice *wink

I received a lot of comments and requests as regards to how to set fake eyelashes therefore I look through my Popteen magazine and


{click image to enlarge}


Here’s a step by step guide on how to apply fake eyelashes effortlessly.

  Check the distance end to end first prior to applying lash glue on it. If you have to cut it, make certain that you cut it from the outside part of the fake eyelashes

  Apply lash glue, wait for about 15-20 sec., bend it and start applying using tweezers.

  Start applying it from the center of your eyelids and  as much as possible put it close to your natural lashes then push down the lashes at the inner corner of your eye.

  Continue applying it on the outer corner of your eye. Naturally, the lashes on this part are longer to pull off that Gyaru effect eye.

  Cover boo-boo or glue marks with your fave eyeliner


The essential rule here is to use a high-quality lash glue and Tsukema. I recommend Dolly Wink’s lash glue, Ardell’s, Andrea’s, The Face Shop’s, Etude House’s (however they don’t sell a separate one).

If you know good brands for lash glue please include it in your comment below thanks dolls <3


Are you an expert when it comes to applying fake eyelashes?

What brand of fake eyelashes and lash glue do you use?

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16 Responses to A step by step guide on how to apply fake eyelashes effortlessly

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve never used fake eye lashes – I’d like to try to :D
    You made it sound so simply and easy to apply. I’m planning on getting some fake eyelashes so I will follow your guide on how to do it :)

    • Yesha says:

      @Michelle: You already have lovely eyes hunn~ :) You don’t need fake eyelashes anymore *wink
      But yeah trust me it is easy to apply :)

      Check out KKCENTERHK’s website as they offer affordable sets ^ ^

  2. I love falsies. THey super change the whole look. Have you tried DUO’s eyelash glue? I love it. :D

  3. Yay thanks for this tips! I really don’t know how and I want to try it sometime. Looks good to people eh. Haha btw followed you on GFC :)

  4. BEBE says:

    Seriously.. I still need this tutorial :) kahit ilang years na akong gumagamit ng falsies, hanggang ngayon di ko pa rin siya na peperfect sis! wahahahahaha.. :)) super nakakatawa! :)) anyway, lagi kong gamit yung ES lashes ko.. super love ko lashes nila. hihihhi..then I use my ardell lash grip lng :)

  5. JHOANA says:

    I always fail whenever I apply fake lashes. Saving this for future reference.

  6. Mei says:

    There are only a few steps to follow and that means putting them on are really effortless. I wish I could have fake lashes too hehe

  7. Faith says:

    oh my gosh!thanks for this *lol*
    I am such a noob on applying fake eyelashes.
    this is great!
    love ya <3

  8. Angela says:

    I love false lashes! Thanks for this share sis! Stay pretty! xox

  9. jen says:

    omg. thank you for this tutorial! :) I’m about to try wearing false eyelashes, good thing I found this post! :)

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