Nudy Brown circle lenses (CH624 ) review

Hello dolls~

I received a pair of circle lenses from Aigooshoppe last week of August.

Pretty Val sent me a pair of GEO Nudy Brown CH624 to review…

{click images to enlarge}

The package was bubble wrapped

and she also sent me a sweet letter and a beautiful gift. I love you doll ~


BASE CURVE : 8.40 – 8.60mm
WATER CONTENT : 38 ~ 42%
DIAMETER : 14mm  *(Effect : up to 14.5mm)
ORIGIN: South Korea
Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc.

The GEO Nudy Series is the #1 choice of beauty magazines. Eyes become sparkling. This was specially designed for Miss Hoshi Aya, a famous Japanese fashion model.

I’ve been wearing this for weeks and these lenses will present you wonderful, mysterious and attractive eyes of which you can be proud.

Customer service/packaging: 5/5  

~ Val is super friendly and very professional. The item is properly packed. The package has bubble wrap to make it more secure.

Enlargement: 4/5 

~ Though it says 14 mm, I was surprised of the enlargement effect.

Color: 5/5

~ I love the color as it matches my hair color. it is not exactly brown, but it really does change your eye color.

Comfort: 5/5

~ Great comfort. Never had an issue, it doesn’t dry up fast and never had to use drops.

Overall: 4/5

~ It is very comfortable to wear. At 14.5mm, it enlarges pretty well. If you really want a total dolly eye effect go for 15mm. These lenses will present you wonderful, mysterious and attractive eyes of which you can be proud. It makes your eyes glow too.  Great lens!

Val is so sweet because she is giving YOU!!! a 10% DISCOUNT when you use the code: “YESHA” upon checkout

Check out her online shop:




FTC: This lens was sponsored by and I’m not getting paid for this review. This is my 100% honest opinion.


  1. i love it sis! it looks good on ya!!! and i love the neutral eye makep you did there.. 🙂 meron rin ako nito.. kaso i rarely use my lenses na 🙁

  2. Tama ba ung nakita ko? Php650? ang mura kung ganon… ang alam ko kasi nasa 800 pataas ung geo contact lenses di ba? 😀 at ang cute kasi may letter pa talaga. :p kaso takot akong gumamit ng ganyan. feeling ko kasi ang bobo ko pag naglalagay. baka mabulag ako. LOL. looks good on you sis!

    • @Tine: Yupp sis they’re pretty affordable and its authentic so no worries 🙂 and yeah Val is such a sweet girl ^ ^ It’s easy to put on try it sis for new looks weee 🙂 You’ll love it <3

  3. Yesha!! ♥ You’ve put this up na! Oh you’re so sweetttt ♥ I just saw your message at my chat box 😛 You really have gorgeous eyes! ^_^ Thank you Thank you for doing the review!

    hugs & kisses!
    -Val ♥

    • @Val: Heya! yupp and I’m so lovin it ^ ^Thank you so much and you are very welcome.. Anytime doll~ Just buzz me or e-mail me xoxo

  4. sana marunong na ako gumamit ng contact lens! im really scared hahah baka mascratch yung cornea or something kasi, but then it really looks good!

    • @Sandra: It’s easy to put on sweetie you must try it 🙂 Thanks for the compliment I appreciate it muaaahhh xoxo

  5. Are they safe? Gusto ko din mag contacts eh, because I am wearing glasses, but minsan gusto ko lang, pang-arte lang haha. but i need graded ones. i’m, just tamad to go and buy some hehe.. 🙂

    • @Ayel: Yes doll~ They are 100% safe and authentic 🙂 You can check it too. They have graded ones and include the code “YESHA” to get a 10% discount when you checkout weeee <3

    • @Gretch: Yes pretty 🙂 Do not forget to punch “YESHA” to get the 10% discount 🙂 Weee … buzz me once oyu have your new lenses I wanna see it <3 … Thank you

  6. cool! I always wanted to have a nudy brown xD though i ended up buying other lens. hihi. cutteee! brown hair brown lens, so nice! :DD

    • @Jenn: Thank you doll~ I so love it it matches my hair color weee 🙂 what lenses do you have? and what’s your fave?

  7. aww. i never really tried contacts. takot ako maglagay eh. hahaha. and my mom wouldnt agree. im 20 yet i still really follow my mom. 😀

    • @Ayah: Aww:) maybe when you’re 21 you can try new things hihi… It’s ok to follow your mom coz she knows the ebst for you *wink <3

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