All dolled-up:PR2

Hiya dolls ~

Just a quick update Mr. G updated PR again weeee .

ALLDOLLED-UP.INFO got a page rank of #1 last June 2011 (check out my entry here. )and I am exceptionally blissful that in just two months, ALL DOLLED-UP got PR2.

{click image to enlarge}

Thank you dolls !!!

うれしい  です よ 

Check your website’s PR too

and congratulations to all who increased their PR too 

I’ll leave you with a picture of me and my lovely Hello Kitty




22 Responses to All dolled-up:PR2

  1. doll says:

    wow! congrats for having pr 2 :) lemme check mine. i hope i gain 1. hihi

  2. Claire says:

    congrats! well two of my blogs lost its pr but the other one got its PR3 but i don’t use it to make money, too bad. but i’m happy for you. its really a great feeling to know that our hard work for our blogs paid off <3

  3. Krisel says:

    Wow, congratz sweetie! :)
    My mysorandom dropped from PR3 to 2. :(
    I hate Mr. G. He’s so unpredictable! LOL.

  4. dianne says:

    same here sis. got my pr2. :)

  5. Sandra says:

    CONGRATS sis! I’m so happy for all of our blogs! Lahat tayo lumelevel up. I’m so happyyy^^

  6. Mel says:

    Congrats on the PR2! More power to you. :)
    I checked the link on your PR1 entry.. and I found out that I just got a PR1 too! yay!

  7. Grysh says:

    Lucky for you. Mine lost one PR. :(

    <3 Grysh

    • Yesha says:

      @Grysh: Aww… my other blog’s PR went down though :( I am just so happy that my fashion blog increased one ;) Hope Mr. G would be kind to our other blogs ^ ^

      • Grysh says:

        Yea, I really hope so. But I doubt he will. He’s kinda strict when it comes to these things. :|

        Btw, I forgot to mention that you look lovely in that photo. Cute as ever :)

  8. BEBE says:

    yey! same tayo sis! PR 2 na rin si! weeeeeeee.. <3 sana tumaas pa ulit pr natin next month or this month! weeeeeeee.. :D

    P.S. you look sooo HOT dun sa pic with HK! wooot woot! :D

  9. anigerica says:

    oh wow! congrats sis! and may I just say, your photo with Hello Kitty is really cute! ang laki-laki nya! ^_^

  10. abhie says:

    Congratulations for having a PR2!! Sadly mine is 0/10 hahaha maybe because my blog is lack of updates.

  11. Karen says:

    Nice! Congrats with your PR2! (^_^)

    I love your HK stuffed toy. *envy*

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