NOTD: 4th of July Nail art


Happy 4th of July my lovely dolls! Here’s a quick NOTD (Nail Of The Day) that I did just today…

(It’s 3AM and I’m so bored that’s why decided to do my nails, apparently I can’t find my nail art brushes so please accept this design gomen ne~ )

Nail polishes that I used:

 Etude House Petit Darling in Blue

(the one that I also used on Blue Hue nail art)

  LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails Shimmering #05 Garnet Red

  Etude House Coat

 Stars nail bling

 Etude House Nail art pen #2

Got to go dolls  Off to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. How about you? Care to share your 4th of July inspiration?


NOTD: Blue Hue


Whoah! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Nail of the Day gomen ne!

Anyway, here’s the nail art I wore on my special day. A closer look will not hurt right?! ^ ^ *wink … And a lot of you guys liked it ARIGATOU NE!!!

I use Etude HOuse Petit Darling in Blue and then add on some girly stickers yay <3

Y’know, ribbons and laces and flowers… Lovely isn’t it?!

I am so amazed with this nail polish because it is extremely pigmented and smooth to apply. I can’t believe with its price, you’ll get this outcome. It is definitely  a great steal!!!

It is very comparable to O.P.I’s quality and I just wish there’s a big size for this.

I love Pink but Blue is cute too 🙂 Love it !!!

What do you think about this design?


NOTD: Purple Polka Nail art


It’s nail polish time!!! Yay for another NOTD (Nail Of The Day) post …

 I use the Purple Petit Darling Nails PP903 by Etude House as my tip color and then put some dots using the nail art pen by Etude House and then lastly put on a very cute White ribbon on the middle nail tip.

Don’t you love the design? I love every details especially the White Ribbon thang ^ ^

NOTD: Summer Fruits on my Tips

Hey dolls!

Whoah!  It’s been a long time since I posted a Nail Of The Day entry. If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook you might already saw some photos of my latest nail design.


Products used:
 Etude House base coat
 Etude House Blue BL501
 Etude House Pink PK011
 Etude House Purple PP903
 Etude House Lucidarling Fantastic nails glitters 03

 Etude House’s nail polishes are <3. Aren’t the designs so adorable?!


You can also watch the video HERE  or play the video in my sidebar.

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Watcha think of my latest nail design?

Do you like it?

Thanks for reading dolls! xoxo

Will blog hop later once I get home. I still need to renew my passport ^ ^

Jyaaaaa ne …

Ooooopss… Two days to go till my birthday weee !!!