Pastel Dot Nail

This 2012, Pastel colors are in again so….

Here is my kawaii version of Tsubasa Masuwaka inspired pastel nail art. It is very simple to do and I am sure you can do it too ^ ^

{click image to enlarge}

Video will be upload soon…

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NOTD: pink newspaper


I so love this design. It is very easy and fab as well…

You need:
Rubbing alcohol
top coat
newspaper clips
nail polish
1. aply base coat on your clean nails
2. apply your fave nail polish
3. let it dry
4.dip your nail into a cup that has rubbing alcohol
5.wait for a couple of seconds
6. apply newspaper clip, hold it firmly for 20 sec.
7. gently peel off
Voila! You now have a fab newspaper nail art

NOTD: Cotton candy


Genki? Yokatta ne!

Here’s my simple but still girly “NAIL OF THE DAY”

I named it cotton candy *wink wink

I use OPI pink and clear nail polish

and added blue rhinestones

I am currently out of town with family that’s why I haven’t been posting for days GOMEN NE~

A lot of you is probably on vacay too. Keep safe dollies 


じゃああああ ね…