Spend responsibly. Recommend this Trendy Item to you!

Recently, some experts came out and responded that the financial crisis won’t gone away quickly and warned
us: Spend responsibly.
But it does not work for those fashion girls who love dressing up, following the trends.
They still go out with new outfit everyday, never play with themselves “bump unlined upper garment”.
However, do you really believe they wore each clothes only once?
They can do that because they have one item that can goes well with anything
I visited many fashion websites, such as Lookbook, Blogspot, Youtube, etc. Finally,
 I found this item you must have! No matter what you wear inside,
as long as you put on this one, your fashion feeling will be improved greatly.
This is an Offwhite oversized tribal cardigan, featuring open front, shawl collar,
ribbed trimming, wide batwing sleeves. Black unique geometric Aztec pattern on a knit wool-blend base.
The relaxed open front and loose fit lend this style a sense of ease. This way, you can keep warm while
still relatively looking stylish without adding the extra bulk of a sweatshirt or jacket.
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Have it, become the best Fashionistas in a second!
Aztec patterns and colors and stylized cutting make the clothing totally different
Tribal print cardigan has been extremely popular for the time being.
 It would be perfect to wear with your outfit during the Spring and Fall season,
and Summer if it’s a little chilly.
Free size for everyone.Not only you can use this cardigan but sometimes your mom can wear it too.
You can pretty much style it with anything that’s solid color which makes it a flexible piece in your wardrobe.
Random cooperate with pants, T-shirt,leggings etc.
Matches Well With Anything!
One In 3 Different Styles!
Best Choice For Spring, Autumn, Winter!
Add To Bag! $15.99 Only Valid 24h! Never Miss It!


Etude House Disney XOXO Minnie Collection


I always get excited when ETUDE HOUSE release new collection.  Guess what dolls, the cutest collection will be coming out this February and it’s the DISNEY XOXO MINNIE COLLECTION. I believe this collection is already available in Korea and geez just take a look how cute the packaging is…

Cute packaging is my weakness and of course there’s no other makeup stores that will sell stuff like these but only Etude House <3


DISNEY XOXO MINNIE COLLECTION has a total of 9 products: (1) Minnie Kissing Lips (2) Minnie Touch Blusher (3)  Minnie Touch Highlighter (4) Minnie Wink Lash  (5) Minnie In the Nail Glitter  (6) Minnie Lash Perm 3 Steps Step Volumcara (7) Minnie Look At My Eyes Jewel (8) XOXO Minnie Look at my Eyes Cafe (9) Minnie Any Cushion case

#01 Minnie Red
#02 Bubble Pink
What are your faves in this collection?
Do you also like cute packaging?
Comments away!

Romwe Black Friday Sale


Have you started the Christmas shopping? What’s on your shopping list? Black Friday is a great day for Christmas shopping and I have a very good news Romwe prepares an amazing sale during Black Friday to offer you cheaper but beautiful clothes, which will be the biggest annual sale for 2013, only once a year

Romwe Black Friday Sale
Up to 75% off, over 3000+ styles
Biggest discount! Most styles ever!
Date: 11/26/2013 -11/30/2013
Go: www.romwe.com

Who Else Wants Bolsters


Me and my friend visited another guy friend at the gym. We haven’t seen him for years and this is the perfect time to bond and catch up things. He invited us there and had fun exercising and all that. I learned a lot and met new circles of friends. While in the gym, I asked them what’s the use of bolsters. All I know is it is essential to use to be safe and healthy other than that I don’t have any idea. They say they often use it for head stands. We know that it is a dangerous posture and bolsters is always on the rescue by putting it on the wall and lean on it.

I said I cna also use it as a pillow at home to relax, sleep and all that ^^ I find it useful after and might be buying one or two to keep.

Ha! Now I know what to give to my other friends who loves going to the gym ^ ^