ES A829 False Eyelashes review

Here’s another review of ES false eyelashes from KKCENTERHK.

This time it is the ES A829 False Eyelashes. It is a half mini black lashes and can make your eyes look bigger and attractive.


Price: USD$14.90

 Lots Of 10 Pairs

  Brand New In Retail Packaging

  Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully

  False Eyelash With Box Package

  Suitable For Any Personage

  Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

  Glue not included

Up close

See!!! I don’t need to apply mascara anymore!!! It saves me so much time and I love it ^ ^.

Look how long the lashes are, oh so dolly *wink wink

GEO X-TRA WT-A04 Brown lensesES A829 False Eyelashes

I am obsessed with false lashes!

I’m using ’em almost everyday especially if I am in a hurry! Check out my other ES false eyelashes here and compare it. Which one do you like more?





unique coupon code : BLGB738KA10
Coupon Amount : 10% Off
coupon code of End Date: 31,Jan.,2013

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FTC: The product mentioned in this post was sponsored by and I’m not getting paid for this review. This is my 100% honest opinion.


  1. Ako naman I don’t use falsies haha! I fail to use them… so I try to use make-up and other ways to make my eyes pop-out. I was thinking nga na maybe I should use falsies na, HAHA I wonder how would I look when I start to use one? Hmmm 🙂

    • @Aisha: You should try it 🙂 I know it will look good on you <3 You have pretty eyes, what more if you use falsies ^ ^ xoxo

    • @Patricia: ^ ^ Agree on sexy eyes haha. Update me for our collab doll Muaahhh

  2. Pansin ko nga Ate Yesha that you really are obsessed with false eyelashes 🙂 But it looks good on you :>

    • @Grysh: 🙂 Thanks for your comment <3 Before I rarely wear one too but in my hectic sched now, It's a must for me hahaha ^ ^

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