GEO Nudy Green CH-623 lens review

Hello dolls!

I am back with another amazing circle lens review courtesy of Dulltodoll.

Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal
Manufacturer : GEO Medical

It’s my first time wearing green lenses and I love the GEO Nudy Green CH-623 contact lens. Minimal design but maximum effect. That’s what you get with the Geo Nudy color. I already have the Nudy Brown and you can read my review here


See that nice halo effect around my iris?! Love it ^ ^


Design: 5/5

With its halo effect, I cannot ask for more ^ ^ .. Minimal design but maximum effect.

Color: 5/5

Not really vibrant and very wearable. Noticeable when up close

Enlargement: 4/5 

I like circle lenses that are 15mm. This is just 14 mm a standard size so not so likey

Comfort: 5/5 as of one week of wearing

I can wear it throughout the day. Very comfortable and feels like I am not wearing one.

I didn’t need my eye drops even after 6 hours or so. Thumbs up!!!

Overall: 5/5     

I totes love the GEO Nudy Green CH-623 contact lens. Actually Shiek is asking for these lenses LOL..Of course I said NO! haha ( selfish wife)

If you want to buy the same contact lens, go here.

If you wanna check out their other products, go here.

FTC: The product mentioned in this post was generously sponosred by DULLTODOLL and I’m not getting paid for this review. This is my 100% honest opinion.


1. have you ever tried wearing Green contact lens?

2. If ever I’m gonna give you a GREEN, VIOLET OR GOLDEN YELLOW contact lens, would you wear it ^ ^ ?

Love y’all my dolls <3

I so miss YOU!!!

Gonna blog hop after updating my blogs

Jyaaaaaaa ne….


  1. i tried once, i only borrowed it from my friend.. they told me Green lenses looks good on me cause im morena.. 🙂
    but honestly, it took me 30 mins. to wear those pretty lil thing! XDD

    • @Chaxpage: Oh, you’re a morena? Love that color <3 … 30 mins? but it's all worth it right 🙂 xoxo

  2. i knew it! wish i could try colored lenses. i ve been stuck with colorless lenses for almost 15years now. looks good on you Miss Yesha 😀

    • @Istin: :)) You are so good in guessing ^ ^ …. Thank you so much <3

    • @Lhyzie: Aww I don’t think so doll, it will look good on you I’m sure 🙂 <3 .. Thank you sis

  3. OMG!! cute ng green lenses sayo sis!! <3
    doll na doll!!! 😀 love it! 🙂

    P.S. I miss you! <3

  4. Nice excited na ko makuha ung akin! That will be my first time to wear!
    Yung sakin color brown din and 14mm lang ata ung or 14.5mm hehehe

    • @Deann: Yay for new contact lenses 🙂 Can;t wait to see it!.. am sure it will look good on you <3 xoxo

  5. love you new colored lenses. it makes your eyes seems to glow. haha. hope i could have one too. but haha i still don’t know how to put it in my eyes. ^_^

    • @Vhine: Thank you 🙂 I’ll make a video post next time on how to put circle lenses ^ ^

  6. Hello Yesha! Sooo pretty! ♥ Thank you for reviewing it ^_^ Lovin the upclose pictures! ^^ Nudy is really one of the best-selling designs esp. in Japan and Korea XD

    1. have you ever tried wearing Green contact lens?
    Even if I’m a contact lens seller, I haven’t worn green ever XD I might try it after seeing this review!! ♥ lol

    2. If ever I’m gonna give you a GREEN, VIOLET OR GOLDEN YELLOW contact lens, would you wear it ^ ^ ?
    I definitely would! I have a violet one opened, I even have an animation type XD

    • @Val: Thanks a lot <3 I love love the Nudy series <3
      I am sure it will look good on you sis 🙂 … Wow an animation type? Would love to see it on you

  7. Oh God. That is really nice, look great on you. I used to wear contacts and I think you convinced me to purchase again. hahaha… Love wearing contacts because it makes you look different and not boring 😉

    • @Jm: Thank you 🙂 Goa head and buy one ^ ^ Don’t forget to tag me with your photos …

    • @Kai: Thank you for your comment gorgeous <3 Yeah, I'm lovin' the halo effect *wink :))

  8. Guess who survived a year without wearing a lens? well almost a year! hahaha my all time fave hue is green next would be grey 🙂 I love green lens on me. and it definitely looks good on you too love!

    • @Shugah: Wow! haha me, I can’t survive a year without wearing one hihi… Thank you doll muaaahhh

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