GEO X-TRA WT-A04 Brown Circle Lenses Review

Hello dolls ! I am back with another circle lens review courtesy of Kiwiberry1-collection and it is the GEO X-TRA WT-A04 Brown Circle Lenses. They sent two pairs ( one brown and one violet) and I’m very excited to try this one coz of its design.

It is also known as Heart brown and it is indeed gorgeous. I am in love with the design <3

The first time I saw the design, it looks like there are hearts in it but when I look closely, it’s triangle haha.

Origin: Korea Diameter : 15.0mm Water Content : 38% Base Curve : 8.6mm Life Span : 1 year disposal

Design: 5/5     

I love love its design! Perfect for everyday use.

Color: 5/5     

Auburn brown. I totes love it!

Enlargement: 5/5     

It gives dolly eye look. Perfect enlargement

Comfort: 5/5     

Very comfortable to wear.


Overall: 5/5     

If you are looking for  natural-looking lens, I highly recommend GEO X-TRA WT-A04 Brown Circle Lenses. I wear this contacts almost everyday and I love it!

If you are interested in buying this design, go to their website or FB page. Do not forget to use code “galamorousdoll” and get 15% off site wide-worldwide ^^

What ya think about these circle lens?

What is your fave circle lens?


    • @Chaxpage: :)… Aww you shouldn’t be just make sure you get your contact lens from authorized shops only 🙂

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