GEO Xtra Green WT-A53 review

Yay for another circle lens review courtesy of RED JHELLI SHOP    This time, they sent the GEO Xtra Alice Green WT-A53 and if I’m not mistaken, this is my third pair of Green lenses.

Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.7mm
People with Green eyes are so blessed and they are lucky coz they don’t have to put colored contacts on just to have beautiful eyes. Thanks to GEO as they came up with these gorgeous contact lens – You can now achieve Shia LaBeaouf’s eyes with these gorgeous lenses. We all know that GEO lenses are comfortable to wear and my eyes didn’t felt dry while I have these on my eyes.
DESIGN: 4/5    
– It has the same style as Eos Max Pure series green. It has a natural design that is perfect on either dark or light eyes color. The black color at the outer ring  creates a misty halo that gives a doll-eye look. I also like the tint of green around the inner ring.


COLOR: 4/5    
– It looks natural in daylight so you don’t have to worry =) You will not look anime- ish with these lenses.


– I like 15mm circle lenses and this one definitely makes my eyes bigger  As you can see the bottom portion of the lenses is getting cut off like in my eyes  


The GEO Xtra Green WT-A53 looks really nice on eyes and you can wear it on a daily basis. Very comfortable to wear and I didn’t put any eye drops after 5 hours and so. These lenses would really showed up if you have light colored eyes especially if you have Green eyes.
If you want to have the same circle lenses, head over to RED JHELLI SHOP and don’t forget to enter the coupon code:
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 FTC: The product mentioned in this post was sponsored by RedJhelliShop and I’m not getting paid for this review. This is my 100% honest opinion.



  1. this looks amazing! i am currently ordering a conatct lens as well its been a long time not wearing one! great review! xx

  2. That’s a really nice lenses. I haven’t done a lense review in a long time! lol I like to stick with the basic 14mm lenses. I have big almost round eyes, so they’re really big. lol wouldn’t want to be looking weird with really big lenses. But it suits you sis! <3

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