How to Wash your Face the Right Way

I know that washing your face is so basic and some of you may think why would I still bother to create a post about it. I know it is the simplest thing to do and we all have been doing it but what really is the issue? Did you know that there’s a right way to do it? Yeah it’s true and if you don’t read this till the very last word of this post, doing your old routine may cause more harm – wrinkles, dryness and so on. You don’t want to regret at the end of the day right?!

Below are the essential steps that you need to remember. Start making it a habit, achieve a flawless face and look Alldolled-up!. You’ll thank me in the future *winks

NOT TOO HOT, NOT TOO COLD! – Use lukewarm water so that your skin is hydrated.

Are your hands clean? Do you wash your face right away without washing your hands first? Geez! Do not ever dare do this!

Are you using the right cleanser? Of course it depends on your skin type. I suggest a foaming cleanser for oily skin. Choose a cream based for dry skin. DO NOT USE BAR SOAP PERIOD.

Are you gentle with your face? Some uses scrubs coz they believe it will remove excess dirt. The answer is N-O! You only hurt your skin and worst it may result to a damaged skin >.< If you can’t avoid it, use a gentle one and make it once a week.

How often do you wash your face? Keep in mind to wash your face IN THE MORNING to remove all the dirt that your face collected while you are sleeping and dreaming then wash your face AT NIGHT to remove all the dirt that your face collected the whole day. NO EXCEPTIONS OK!

Are you using a clean washcloth? Spell H-Y-G-I-E-N-E. Oh please if you can use a new one everytime you wash your face that’s absolutely AWESOME! If not, make sure to wash it everyday. I know some who uses the same washcloths over again and that’s EEW! Do not put dirt back on your face!

and lastly,
Make sure that you wash your face thoroughly. No residue whatsoever!


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    • You’re welcome Alissa! Haven’t tried Physiogel but heard positive feedback. Is it OK for combi skin?

  1. Completely agree with everything in this list. I do these things myself! Haha I’m very keen on my skincare routine. I once had a very acne-ridden face when I was around 13, and since then I started taking really good care of my skin. Also, moisturizing is important right after wash! I can’t stress that enough. One should really tug the face hard when washing because it may cause early signs of wrinkles. I do scrub once a week though to get rid of excess oil and clean up clogged pores 🙂

    • Well said! Thank you for sharing I appreciate it 🙂 What face scrub do you use if may I ask? Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips Yesha…the most important one is washing our hands before washing our face.

    Passing this along! Hope you’re having a great week.

  3. Woahhh… i remember I’ve watched on a tv series that her routine is to wash her face with water with ice cubes!!! I really wonder how it feels like lol…

    About number 2… does dove/olay belong to thise bar soaps?

    Haha thanks for these tips sis!! :)))

    • Ohmy! I wonder too ^ ^… No dear Dove/Olay soaps are mild and gentle to skin. Love those!
      You’re welcome Aian! Good day 🙂

  4. I use lukewarm water in washing my face too especially if I’ll be using a facial scrub. I’m currently using an organic bar soap formulated for combo/oily skin. This is the first time I have used a bar soap after so many years and so far, it’s doing well with my oily skin. Lastly, I use a facial tissue instead of washcloth.

  5. Making sure that one’s hands are clean is a ‘step’ that a lot of us miss prior to washing the face. I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and at night.

  6. You should really wash your face before and after you sleep to ensure you start the day clean and to end it with a clean face and no dirt residue.

    • So true! I hate the feeling when not washing the face before going to sleep esp if I have makeup on :/ Thanks for dropping by Franc!

  7. Ashamed to say, I only wash my face in the morning.. Before bed, it would just be makeup remover. Tried using a washcloth once, but wasn’t disciplined enough to continue.. Your post reminds me to try again!

    • We always have that “lazy” time but yeah we need to keep in mind of these essential steps and wake up with a nice and healthy skin 🙂 You’re welcome! Have a great day.

  8. This is helpful indeed. I am not that aware that there is a proper way of washing the face. I just wash! Thanks a lot!

    • Yes we really need to take care of our skin 🙂 We all don’t want to regret after. Good day!

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