L’EGERE Double White O2 BB Cream review

Y’all know me!

I only recommend and review great products here in my blog so today I’m gonna be sharing my thoughts about the L’egere Blemish Balm creams that Imomoko has sent to me.

This is the L’EGERE Double White O2 BB Cream.

If you are having a hard time looking for a perfect cover for skin troubles, fret not as L’EGERE Double White O2 BB Cream provides the solution to this dilemma.

Regular Price: $29.99
Imomoko Price: USD 26.99

I totes love this product to bits <3

  L’egere says:

It covers the problematic skin and dark spots perfectly. Its long lasting cover powder will hide your facial blemishes effectively with its fresh and light texture.

  Multi-skin care formula:

Greenol is the Patent Anti-Oxygen herb complex which is excellent in anti-oxidation. Organic aloe extract offers the perfect moisture. Niacinamide Magnesium Ascorbyl Phophate (Vitamin C) for double whitening effect. Cooper Tripeptide -1 good for anti-acne and anti-wrinkle.


A dime-size amount is already a lot to cover your face. Thumbs up!!!

(left: L’EGERE Double White O2 BB Cream)

(right: L’EGERE Super Light UV Whitening BB cream)

Blended well ^ ^ …

 What I like about it

– Double Whitening + Moisturizing + Anti-acne + Anti- Wrinkle + Anti-Aging 

– It is gentle on all skin type. Non- comedogenic and anti-inflammatory.

What else can you ask for??? ^ ^ . This is an amazing product!

 What I don’t like about it


 Will I purchase this again? Definitely YES!!!

 Overall 5/5     

If you want to buy the same product, go here.

If you wanna check out their amazing web store, go here.

Use coupon code: “YESHA0001”
for 10% off entire purchase


1. Do you use BB cream?

2 If so, what brand and how’s it on your skin?

Stay tuned for my  L’EGERE Super Light UV Whitening BB cream review

FTC: The product mentioned in this post was generously sponosred by IMOMOKO.COM and I’m not getting paid for this review. This is my 100% honest opinion.




    • @Chaxpage: You should sweetie, check out their web store and e-mail them with your orders *wink .. Don’t forget to put the coupon code *wink <3

  1. Never tried BB creams, but I’ve been wanting to since then kasi sobrang daming benefits. It does not just cover but also heals pimples and impurities tapos moisturize pa, too bad their too pricey for me. Good review sis!

  2. ang ganda ng bb creams!!!! super nag blend nga siya sis 😀
    and super ganda ng coverage!!! I like <3

    • @BEBE: Yupp 🙂 Go ahead and get yours 🙂 I’m sure you’ll like it too <3

    • @Dianne: It is way better than Missha 🙂 I so love this product. You should try this too <3

  3. I’m not really into make-up pero the dime-size amount will surely save a lot kasi as far as I know some BB creams need mo mag-apply ng medyo madami just to blend in and achieve yung gusto mo i-achieve. Correct me if I’m wrong ha.

    Hanggang lips at blush lang talaga ako, hahaha. Mukhang need ko na talaga magpakababae, hahaha.

    • @Angie: Thank you for your comment 🙂 Actually you only need to put more where more coverage is needed. There is no really right way to achieve good make up, for me using BB creams especially L’egere double white O2 Bb cream is already a winner for your make up *wink ….

      :)) xoxo

    • @Jhyzie: True indeed! I <3 EH .. Have you tried their new bb cream. I just got one and can't wait to write a review on that *wink

    • @JM: 🙂 Go ahead and get yours on their site 🙂 You’re welcome Jm

    • @Shugah: :)) That’s what I thought at first too. This product is amazing! Thank you <3

  4. You got this for free?

    I’m thinking of using beauty products but I don’t know what to use first. Maybe I’ll read some of your old posts.

    • @Clint: Yes :)) Go ahead and try it Clint and hope my past posts will be helpful to you. Feel free to ask if you need to know anything ^ ^ <3

  5. is this okay for oily skin types? coz i hv super oily skin-d reason y i am hesitant buying bb creams. I heard L egere White Multi BB Cream is good for oily skin? have u tried it?

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