OASAP Dress and an Eco-bag?


Who doesn’t like OASAP dresses? Of course we all do! They have a lot of fashion dresses to choose from. Not only that, but I love love their selections of shoes and bags. If you can remember, I blogged about choosing a dress here?

Finally I decided to get this lovely dress.

After typhoon week, Thank God! The packages for me arrived to my house safely. And here’s my latest dress from OASAP.


Look! It is so nice of them to include an Eco bag .

So perfect coz people here in the Philippines are obliged to use those brown paper bags which is NOT DURABLE AT ALL instead of plastics when buying at the supermarket.

I hate those local brown paper bags arrggghhh  It is not as durable as in the states and Japan. BOOOOO !!!   


Soooo thankful for this Eco-bag by OASAP. Now I can go to the supermarket while still looking fashionable *wink

Keep posted for my next (OOTD)  


    • @Bella: 🙂 Yeah, it is very useful and makes my life easier whenever I go to mall market :))

  1. i’ve browsed oasap’s collection and they’re really pretty <3 but they're way too pricey for me 😀 i prefer buying cheap clothes kasi hohoho

    • @Janelle: 🙂 Yeah love love their items <3 Oh, I see but shopping at their web store is worth your money. You may sign up for a 20% off discount. Hope you try their clothes soon *wink

  2. Actually we barely use brown bags here anymore. We have those reusable bags in the supermarkets.

    I love oasap dresses! Too bad I’m not allowed to buy anything online for a few months. I’ve been a compulsive buyer for now, and I’m trying to save! can’t wait to see you in that dress! <3

    • @Phyllz: Reusable bags are cool! 🙂 … Oh, how I wish I can stop buying a lot for a while too ^ ^ haha . Thanks sweetie

  3. can’t wait for your next ootd sis! nakuuu, tama yan im loving ecobags now. I can feel na somehow I’m helping mother nature. ^^^

  4. Everyone’s talking about OASAP lately. How I wish I could their products and services too. Hehe.

    It is good that they have eco bag. True, almost all establishments get rid of plastics already and being replaced with paper bags. It’s good since they’re recyclable but it isn’t that durable.

    Ecobags are still better. And it’s good they have though of that idea.

    • @Mei: Yeah 🙂 You should check their web store too. Sign up and get 20% off ^ ^ …. It’s the best idea and not all web store offers that *wink so two thumbs up on them :)))

  5. I love the fact that they added eco friendly bags! 🙂 Love their selections… wish I could bagged it all! 😛

  6. Oooh! Ecobags! I love them. 🙂 I hate the paper bags used in supermarket. Like hello!? It can’t hold the heavy ones.

    Btw, when did you order your dress? I ordered from them weeks ago but my package hasn’t arrived yet. 🙁

    • @Karen: Truuueeeee! I hate those brown bags too >.< It is so hard to shop in the market esp. if I buy a lot and they will only give me a non-durable Brown paper bags argghh ..... It arrived exactly 15 days to me hunn~ :)) Contact them maybe it's just because of the holidays that's why it's delayed :)) xoxo

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