OOTD: Rawr Christmas

PLUS: I made a LOOKBOOK account (yay!) since many of you asked for it ^ ^


So this is what I wore last Sunday (Christmas 2011)

Hype the look here.

I love animal print top! They are so sexy and chic. Actually this top can be a dress too :) .. I’ve recently bought animal print shoes, bangles, etc.. And I have so many new looks photos to upload <3

Check out my new fave wedge…

 Aren’t they gorgeous?! I so love it!!!

So, how was your Christmas?

Did you got what you wanted for Christmas?



37 Responses to OOTD: Rawr Christmas

  1. Claire says:

    i sooo love your shoes!!!

  2. BEBE says:

    raawrrr!! hotness!! :D I like the shooes doll! :D
    everything is sizzling hot right here! will surely hype this look! <3

  3. Jenn says:

    pretty! I love the top and the shoes. hihihi xD I always want to have leopard prints kaso I don’t know how could i match it xD Merry Christmas sis!

    • Yesha says:

      @Jenn: Thanks doll~ Just experiment and have fun mix and matching :)) I know you can do it! <3 Merry Christmas too and have a safe new year as well <3

  4. JHOANA says:

    Gorgeous as always! Love the shoes =) My Christmas went well, but I wasn’t able to get the stuffs I wanted. It’s okay naman since I was able to celebrate it with my family and friends.. Off ko kase! Yay!

  5. Sandra says:

    def hyped this sis! hot mo grabe! anyways, I like how your shoes is studded! :D

  6. Alyanna says:

    The shoes! Gandaaa!

    Animal prints talaga is sooooo pretty! I’m super addicted to Zebra and Leopard print <3


  8. Ayah ♔ says:

    love your shoes sis. <3 and you're lookin great. I love your watermark din. sana di ako tamarin para ganyan din kaganda ang watermark ko sa photos.

  9. Mei says:

    I so love the wedge!! Bagay sayo outfit mo ate. :))

  10. april says:

    oooh leopard top! I liiike! it’s a leopard print, right? LOL

  11. Kritz says:

    Waaah! I love your shoes! Are those pearls?

  12. anne says:

    Can’t see any pictures. All I see is Photobucket’s 404 icon =/
    Happy New Year! (:

  13. tiff k says:

    Hi sis! OMG for some reason I can’t see the photos :O Is this your new site? Will link you here instead! :)

  14. Georgina says:

    You look great in leopard print. :D Not many people do!

    I have many dresses that can be worn as a short dress or a top – always nice to have something versatile in your wardrobe. :D

    Hope you have a good new year! :)

    • Yesha says:

      @Georgina: Aww! Thank you doll~ I appreciate it :) Me too and I love this top as dress. WIll post it maybe next week :) Happy Holidays too <3

  15. iway says:

    love the shoes! simple outfit you have there. :)

    have a happy new year sis!

    been here with http://fabulari.info/

  16. Kimeh says:

    Happy holidays to you! :)

  17. Umi says:

    You look gorgeous in your outfit! Happy new year dear!

  18. Tine says:

    Dito na lang ako magcocomment dahil napukaw ang atensyon ko ng shoes mo! Waaaaaaaahhhhh! I sooo love your wedge sis! San mo nabili? Tweet me! Hahahaha. :))

    Well I did not get what I want this Christmas but I still enjoyed the Holiday season! Belated merry Christmas and happy new year to you dear sister. :D

    • Yesha says:

      @Tine: Aww :) Thank you sis <3 Yupp will DM you on Twitter.
      Ohh, sad to know that you did not get what you wanted but the best thing is you enjoyed the season.

      Happy New Year too and lemme know if you’re in Manila :)

  19. Angel says:

    Lovely pair of shoes!!!

  20. Rhen says:

    i <3 your shoes…

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