Romwe 12 pcs Makeup Brushes

To achieve a flawless makeup look, you should use the right makeup brushes. Why? I have three reasons; your make up will last longer, you will use less product and lastly it will give you a professional finish.

Here’s my new makeup brush set c/o Romwe. I love how the makeup brush set comes in a sturdy Turquoise leather barrel. It’s my favorite color next to Pink *winks.

The makeup brushes are packaged in plastic case. The bristles are so soft and do not shed and it is made of fine goat hair / pony hair/ synthetic hair / nylon hair.

Thumbs up! Totes love it!

Package Contents:
• 12 x Make-up Brush
• 1 x Leather Barrel

L-R – (Angle Contour brush, Flat Paddle Foundation brush, Duo Fibre Foundation/Stippling brush, Powder/Blush  brush)

Angle Contour brush – Aside from contouring,  it is also ideal for highlighting also.
Flat Paddle Foundation brush – Use this to apply liquid foundation, brush back and forth until blended on skin. Designed to achieve a smooth and flawless finish.
Duo Fibre Foundation/Stippling brush – Use this to buff cream or liquid foundation with small circular strokes for a natural look effect.
Powder/Blush brush – Perfect tool for applying powder/blush products.

LEFT (TOP-BOTTOM): (Flat Liner brush, Angled eye shadow brush, Blending eye shadow brush, All-over Lid brush)

RIGHT (TOP-BOTTOM): (Small concealer brush, Eyeliner/brow brush, Lip filler brush, Concealer brush)

 Small concealer brush – Conceal small areas of the face for maximum control of coverage. Hides specific imperfections such as blemishes and sun spots too.
 Eyeliner/brow brush – A multi purpose brush use on your lash line as well as on your brows to fill it in.
 Lip filler brush – Perfect for detailing along the lips and to apply color evenly. Always apply lipstick with this. It helps for a long-lasting smooth application plus you use less product with this.
 Concealer brush – Use to cover blemishes and spots perfectly.

What I like about it:
– Easy to carry
– Classy packaging
– Lightweight
– Do not shed
– Affordable

 What I don’t like about it:
– N-O-N-E

Overall rating: 5/5     


– The brushes are great! The brushes are very soft and do not shed. Also, the barrel is very stylish I don’t need to buy a separate brush holder/container for my makeup brushes. I can easily apply makeup and look Alldolled-Up effortlessly.



 FTC:  I am not getting paid to make this review nor affiliated with the company mentioned on this beauty product review. This is my 100% honest opinion.

Doll questions:

1. How many makeup brushes do you own?

2. How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

I hope you enjoyed our mini makeup brushes 101 lesson *winks. Stay tuned for my how-to clean your makeup brushes post.

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  1. My wife and daughter is not fond of putting on make-up, but my nieces are. gonna share this post to them. BTW I like the case

    • I fell in love with the color too 🙂 Get yours now! Supplies ran out easily. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I never would have thought there were that many different kinds of makeup brushes until you put them side by side like this. I thought there was just a big one and a small one. Hehe.

  3. I only have a brush for my cheeks and eyebrows. I guess I’d have to explore more uses of the makeup brushes since I am now more comfortable using my fingers.

  4. Lovely range and collection. Thoguh i just stick to basic brushes and minimal makeup most of the time but may like to invest in future.

    • Yeah we have to use right tools for a flawless makeup 🙂 Check
      em out until supplies last. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. They have all the different brush strokes for your different needs. This can really help you do all the details on your make up.

  6. A girl can never have enough makeup brush. Sine I change mine a lot of times, I’m thinking of getting that in the future.

    • So true! It is not enough so you better check ’em out while supplies last. Thanks for dropping by Raquel 🙂

  7. I’m the girly kind and I have a very few makeup products but recently, I got interested to makeup and styling so a few days ago, I bought some cosmetics. I’m looking for brushes as well because most of the youtube tutorials use different brushes and I only own a foundation blush. I’ll definitely head to Romwe to check this out. Hoping it’s within my budget.

    • Cheers! Oh, you’ll be addicted on buying for more makeup brushes 🙂 You should check ’em out before it’s gone dear. Thanks Louise for dropping by! Good day 🙂

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