Birthday month

Hello dolls! It’s my birthday month and I am very excited!  I have so many plans this year and I hope in God’s perfect time, HE will make all these come true and shower me more endless blessings. I am very thankful for having awesome people around me.

I am also thankful for all the trials, I am stronger now and truly tested my FAITH in him. Oh, don’t even ask what I went through as it was the worst but now, I can testify that no matter what,


So if you are going through something, just talk to him! HE is just waiting for you to tell him all your problems. Leave everything to him and God will work on it.


“The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” -Exodus 14:14

Anyway onto the bright side, I’ve been travelling here and there, getting a lot of surprises, have more ME time, BFF’s dates, family bonding and a lot more. If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll see photos and you’ll also be updated with what I’m doing everyday so follow me if you haven’t 🙂

BIRTHDAY WISHLIST: Perfume, new dresses, shoes, bags are given but most important are good health, more jobs for me to share more blessings and more quality time with fam *winks

Have a great day ahead!

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Anyway, I can’t wait for 2015 as I will be launching another website yay! Also, already got new sponsors and collabs for this project and I hope you will still follow me and support me on this!



The Solution


A lot of you are tweeting me and sending me messages that you can’t comment on my posts. Gomen ne! I had problems with my host.

My gorgeous friend Kei helped me to optimized my site and solved my problem, days past it was OK but still, after a few days the problem occurred again …

I asked Gel and one of my dolls Rhea about HEXSOLUTIONS and I added them on FB right away. While Nikko was not online I asked my doll Rhea what important things to back up coz It’s my first time transferring to a new host. Mann! T’was funny coz I was nervous thinking I could make a mistake haha.. So noob!!! 😛

And then…

It was so hassle coz when I was doing the back up for the MYSQL stuff I encountered some errors. Then the following day I can’t view my new blog oh mannnn! I was thinking I should really wait for Nikko. He gave me instructions and try to fix the prob. I have work so I asked him to continue it at night.

Well, I am happy coz I was able to restore everything even if he is not online Whoohoo!!! Yokatta ne ~!

Now that I have the solution to my problem, Alldolled-up is back and absolutely hungry for superb entries and product reviews for y’all…

It is indeed true that HexSolutions simplified my life!

They are very nice and helpful to a newbie like me when it comes to these things so I gave their service 5/5

Two Thumbs Up!!!

I am happy that my fashion site is up finally coz I have so many things to blog and to review ^ ^ . Thank you for always checking the site and reading past entries. I promise, you will never encounter any problems again.


FYI, all the websites and shops that you see here are highly recommended by ME! So if you see that I am promoting them here, it only means that you will never have any problems dealing with them and will always receive professional service.

So remember dolls, Once I recommend a product, websites, shops and the like, It is 200% trust worthy and reliable!

I am not getting paid to say this or whatnot. This is my honest opinion!!!

Before I go, check this new site that I discovered. It is helpful for people who wants to start an online store…


 Time to blog hop!!!

Shhhhh I went online shopping the other day, See what’s inside this package on my next entry <3