Who Else Wants Boss ve-20

Bored of the traditional way of singing? How about having a real time pitch correction? Sounds interesting huh?! I recently discovered boss ve-20 – Specialized effects for vocalists, including: harmony, double-track, dynamics, reverb, delay, and more. It adds a layer, harmonies and totally stepped up for more fun when singing. Now stompboxes aren’t just for guitarist, singers can also use this! I am so excited to gift this to my friend who’s a professional Singer, I’m 100% sure she’ll love it!

All About Guitar Center Boardman

All About Guitar Center Boardman

There are so many musical instrument retailers in the world but only a few offers quality products at affordable prices plus  friendly and professional SR. I recently discovered guitar center boardman thru a friend when we visited her last year. It is an amazing store that sells Guitars, Band & Orchestra, Keyboards , Percussion, Pianos, Drums, Instrument Accessories. It is basically all your music needs in one place. Get Great Deals Every Day!

Top Accessories to Wear During the Spring Season

As the temperatures increases and the sun reemerges, the spring season is when more people spend time outdoors after a long winter spent inside. When it comes to changing out your attire, there are several different accessories that will dress up each outfit and complete the look. To stay fashion-forward, there are a few important items to include in your wardrobe.

Gold-Plated Plated Necklaces

Plated necklaces are the perfect accessory to wear to the office or while doing a bit of shopping, which will allow your attire to look formal. The product features multiple gold plates, which reflect the light and look chic with blouses and floral dresses. The elegant design of the necklace can allow it to be used for many years to come when you want to feel feminine. Many necklaces are also adjustable to ensure that the product fits comfortably on the chest.

Lightweight Scarves

Although scarves are commonly used in the fall and winter seasons, they can transition into the spring with lightweight materials that are used. The chic addition can be loosely wrapped around the neck and paired with a tank top or cardigan. Choose scarves that feature frayed edges for an edgier style that is still feminine and includes added detail. I own a number of different prints and patterns of scarves that I bought it here at Peak Boutique.

Rope Bangles

Rope bangles are a timeless statement piece and will add extra luxe to your attire with the silver band that will dress up personal or professional attire. Most bangles feature a decorative pendant that adds color to the jewelry item and allows it to dangle while it’s worn. You can pair the bangle with a gold cuff or a beaded bracelet to create a charming style that is appropriate for any age.

Crystal Woven Cuff

Crystal woven cuffs feature dozens of beads with an adjustable bracelet that will work as the focal point of any outfit. The product can feature metallic details and shimmery beads that are appropriate for casual or formal events.

Dressing up your wardrobe with a variety of accessories will allow you to stand out in the office or feel confident while going out with your friends. The products can allow you to enhance your style and have fun with your wardrobe while spending more time outdoors during the spring season.

Sleep your way to good health

Sleep is the most underestimated activity. Most of us see sleep only as a means to rest and would easily give up sleep in order to stretch our day. In fact sleep is vital in achieving good health.
Understanding the importance of sleep, LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness introduces its signature Sleep Analysis and Consultation. The analysis and consultation is geared towards helping individuals sleep their way to good health.
“Most of us take sleep for granted and don’t fully realize how sleep impacts our well-being,” says Dr. Denise Lavilles of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness. “Beyond getting our body to rest and regain physical strength, quality sleep supports mental and physical health, and affects quality of life. How we feel and perform throughout the day is affected by how well we slept. It is during sleep when our body is working to support vital functions of the brain and organs. Sleep also helps our cells regenerate,” added Lavilles.
Sleep deprivation affects us physically and mentally. Lack of quality sleep makes us feel constantly tired, less productive, moody, react slower, making us prone to mistakes and accidents. Mentally, it affects our cognitive function, making us unable to properly focus and retain information. Our risk for chronic disease also increases with chronic sleep deprivation.
“Because of being constantly sleep deprived, having a restful sleep eventually becomes a challenge and may lead to unhealthy habits and dependency on sleeping pills. But sleep issues can be addressed.” says Lavilles.
The LifeScience Sleep Analysis and Consultation tackles sleep issues through a multi-disciplinary, scientific and proactive approach. “It is vital to recognize the basic underlying factors affecting and causing sleep problems, in order to determine the appropriate steps needed to sleep better. We cannot simply just keep treating the symptoms. Sleeping pills, for example, may help for a brief period of time and under a doctor’s supervision. However, insomnia cannot be cured with sleeping pills alone. They can actually make insomnia worse in the long run. Sleep is such a dynamic and relational process – it has to be understood in relation to everything else.”
“As unique individuals, sleep issues can be caused by so many things, such as occupational and lifestyle factors, as well as physiologic and biologic alterations, like hormone changes and nutrient deficiencies. Because of the varying influences and types of sleep disorders, a personalized and comprehensive approach is key in addressing sleep issues down to root cause,” stressed Lavilles.
The first step is to find out more about the individual during and beyond his sleep through traditional and advanced methods such as comprehensive history taking, actigraphy, heart rate variability, 24-hour salivary cortisol/melatonin, nutrient and metabolic profiling. Once this information is available, your Physician will map-out a treatment plan that lets you fully understand what issues affect your sleep. A more thorough understanding of how your body works empowers you to be more involved in getting your restful sleep back.
For more information on the Sleep Analysis and Consultation or to book an appointment for Sleep consult, visit lifescience.ph or call 848-LIFE (5433).
* * *

About LifeScience:
The LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness is an integrative facility that is committed to advancing and optimizing your health. We are a program-based center that practices a science-based approach called Functional Medicine. By creating programs based on your specific health goals, we are able to directly address your concerns with the exact type of nutrition, movement, and medically advanced treatments and testing suited to the needs of your body.

The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer: The Newest First Aid Washing Device

Manila, Philippines—Having a good time is one small pleasure Filipinos really treasure at heart. This is especially true during the holiday season. From office Christmas parties to family gatherings and reunions, there is always some event happening around. But during these times, certain emergencies or accidents occur which can ruin even the most festive person’s night.

These kinds of accidents are the ones we mostly try to avoid at all cost most especially when such gatherings call for specific party attires or get-ups.

Stains or spillages on clothes are one of the greatest hassles of the every day life. And albeit a small issue in the scheme of things, it can still alter the way we interact with others during a party. It creates unwarranted anxiety and self-consciousness and not to mention, the tedious work required in order to remove the dirt from favorite dresses or precious garments.

Introducing The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer

Good thing Sharp has created another engineering marvel to answer this problem.

The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is your newest first aid spot washing device, quick to remove common stains on different kinds of fabric. For any emergency or accidental spillage, there’s no need to panic or fret.


Ultrasonic Vibration

It is equipped with the power of the Ultrasonic Horn that produces 38,000 strokes per second and creates vacuum foams. These vacuum foams then explode and strike the stains away. Unlike the harsher treatment of traditional spot washing methods like handwashing and scrubbing, the Ultrasonic Washer prevents damages or tears on fabric threads.


Instant Solution, Instant Results

Whether stains from food, drinks, or any other common substances, the Ultrasonic Washer can effectively remove them with just the help of water*. The Ultrasonic Washer also works on most fabrics and textiles including canvass bags and shoes.

It comes in with a puff container, cloth bag, built-in rechargeable battery, and USB cable—portable in design so that stains are instantly and effectively removed even while away from home. So whether on the road, at a party, or anywhere else, any accidental spillage can be quickly dealt with.

The Ultrasonic Washer is more than perfect for Christmas, not only as your partner for any dinner emergencies, but it can be your practical and useful gift too. It is available in three different colors: gold, pink gold**, and silver**, making it a fashionable accessory or gadget designed to fit inside any bags, duffel, or hand-carry.

With the Ultrasonic Washer, there’s no room for anxiety and self-consciousness. You can always be prepared for any emergencies and stay clean and stylish throughout any event. Always save the day or night with this dependable washing device.

*When removing tough and stubborn stains, Sharp recommends using both water and liquid detergent.
** Available soon.