Etude House Wish Upon a Tree


Happy Holiday!!! It’s exactly one more week till Christmas and everyone is going crazy shopping and excited to celebrate Christmas day! I went to a lot of malls to buy presents and stuff and of course I didn’t forget to drop by the cutest make up store -ETUDE HOUSE and guess what I found out…

Oh yeah, they are having this awesome WISH UPON A TREE for their avid consumers. All you have to do is hang your product wish at Etude House SM – Megamall Christmas Tree and be one of the five (5) lucky winners to be granted their wish!

♥Everyone is entitled to join, except employees of Etude House Philippines.
♥Duration of the Promo is from December 2  to December 30, 2013
♥Announcement of winners is every Mondays of December at 5:00 PM.

♥Draw dates:
December 18, 2013
December 20, 2013
December 23, 2013
December 25, 2013

♥Announcement of Winners:
December 18, 2013
December 20, 2013
December 23, 2013
December 25, 2013

♥Participants will have to write down their product wishes on the limited Wish Tags provided and hang their Wish Tags in Etude House Christmas Tree located at EH- SM Megamall.

 ♥There will only be 150 Wish Tags to be distributed at the store. Last time I checked there’s only 75 Wish Tags left!

For more details check out their FB page –

Five (5) Etude House product wishes will be granted for the whole month of December 2013.

HURRY and drop by Etude House SM Megamall today!



Etude House Ice cream nail polish BL601


Hello my lovely dolls! Today I’m gonna be reviewing Etude House Ice cream nail polish in BL601. Another gorgeous nail polish shades from Etude House Sweet Recipe collection.

Last week I showed to y’all some swatches of the Etude House Ice cream nail polish in OR201 and I’ve mentioned that it is tricky to apply on nails guess what?! Etude House Ice cream nail polish BL601 is way better than that. Read until the end of the post to know why *wink wink

One thing that I didn’t mention here is that the bottle is made from glass so if you will bring this with you just be extra careful esp if you put it in your pouch.


PRICE: Php178

I am in love with this shade <3 The formula is superb – very opaque, easy to apply, dries fast and looks so gorgeous with two coats. This is so Tiffany-ish and so gorgeous.

Did I already say love it?! ha-ha

  What I like about it

– Cute packaging
– Gorgeous shade
– Very Opaque
– Easy to apply

  What I don’t like about it

– Nothing except that the handle comes off easily

Doll Question:

1.)  Have you tried Etude House Ice Cream nail polishes?

Have a great day dolls !!!


Etude House Look at my Eyes Jewel Gold Spangle High Heel BE101


Here’s a quick review of  Etude House Look at my Eyes Jewel Gold Spangle High Heel in BE101 before I go ahead and pack for another out of town trip whoosah!


– Richly pigmented, velvety solo eye shadows with jewel-like sparkles for classic neutrals to the trendsetting shades.

Lovin’ the heart details. Etude House always think of cute pattern on their makeup (thumbs up!)

PRICE: Php198

2 grams


I love how it is very shimmery. This is the kind of eye shadow that makes your eye color pop. A little goes a long way with this eye makeup and oh, I love glitters and I always use this whenever I go clubbin’.

One cent tho, I get a lot of fall-out of glitter once applying it on my eyes. I suggest to hold a piece of paper under your eye to avoid it or ready your fan brush to clean the glitters. Sometimes I just apply it on the center of my lids for a quick oomph *wink wink.

  What I like about it:

– Packaging
– With jewel-like sparkles. (Perfect for night makeup)

  What I don’t like about it:

– You’ll get a lot of fall-off when applying it

Overall, if you are into glitter-y eye makeup then this one is for you. I so wanna try matte colors from this line they said it’s very pigmented and nice.




 FTC: Not sponsored.  I’m not getting paid for this review nor affiliated with the said company. This is my 100% honest opinion.

Doll questions:

1.) Have you tried any eye shadow from this line?

2.) Do you go clubbin’?

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!


Etude House Ice Cream Nails OR202 review


Hello dolls! Have you seen the cutest nail polish in the world?

 First to review is the Etude House Ice Cream Nails in #OR202.  I already posted the complete colors of the Ice Cream Nail polish collection before so check it out if you haven’t ^ ^.

Actually, I bought ’em i think months ago and completely forgot that I have ’em =). I decided to get my fave shades in Mint and Pink and then added this Peachy Orange shade to try.

Etude House Ice Cream Nails #OR202 

Isn’t the packaging the cutest? I fell in love with it and daym! I was so sold LOL Can’t say anything but ADORABLE   I scream ICE CREAAAMMM!!!

One cent tho, when I was testing it on Etude House, I found out that when you open it, the cone handle comes off and you need to close it tightly for the cap to stick again. Does it happen to yours too? Not a big deal tho, it is cute so I still love it ha-ha

Formula is very thick. It is tricky to apply unlike my other Etude House nail polishes. Honestly, I had a hard time applying it at first but was able to manage it after two tries :\

(SUGGESTION: You should apply a thin layer first or else you’ll wipe it off and apply again and again) It is so tricky to apply so it needs your patience hi-hi)

It dries quickly and better with top coat for a glossy finish. The color is pretty love it!


 What I like about it

– Cute packaging
– Gorgeous shade

 What I don’t like about it

– The handle comes off easily
– Tricky to apply


This is perfect to give as a gift to your friends and the like. Oh, cute packaging is my weakness hi-hi. Gtg, I’ll be doing some nail art with this yay!

Doll questions:

1. Do you own this cute nail polishes? If so, what shade?

2.  How do you find the Etude House Ice Cream Nails #OR202 ?

Next time, I’ll share my review on Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish in #BL601.

Stay tuned dolls!