GEO Xtra Kira Kira Violet lens (WT-A41) review


Whoah! It’s been months since my last lens review ^ ^ . Gomen ne!

Here’s a quick review of the GEO Xtra Kira Kira Violet circle lens (WT-A41).

Lens info:

Lens usage : up to 1 year
B.C : 8.7 mm
Diameter : 15.00 mm
Water content : 38%

This is my first time to try Violet contacts. With its size 15mm, it is bigger and better colored contact lenses to make your eyes pop. Love it!!!


I am happy that it is not too bold and look cosplay-ish. It actually looks Black on outdoors just do’t go near me and check my eyes hoho~

Enlargement:  5/5     

– Definitely makes my eyes bigger and gives a dolly-eye look. I like 15mm circle lenses <3

Color: 4/5    

– I am not sure how to rate the color as I’ve said, it looks Black on outdoors so it is OK to me.  However, It really depends when you will use it.

Comfort as of one month of wearing to date: 5/5     

– Very comfortable. It lasts for 8 hours. I didn’t need my eye drops.

Overall: 4/5    

– It doesn’t give a freaky look and I love big circle lenses so I like this contacts. When Shiek saw this, he wanted a pair too ^ ^ He said it is cool!

FTC: The product mentioned in this post was sponsored by Kiwiberry1-collection and I’m not getting paid for this review. This is my 100% honest opinion.

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Doll questions:

What do you think of this circle lens?

Have you tried Violet contact lens? If so, do you like it?

Stay tuned my gorgeous dolls as I have another circle lens review coming up *wink