Etude House Ice Cream Nails OR202 review


Hello dolls! Have you seen the cutest nail polish in the world?

 First to review is the Etude House Ice Cream Nails in #OR202.  I already posted the complete colors of the Ice Cream Nail polish collection before so check it out if you haven’t ^ ^.

Actually, I bought ’em i think months ago and completely forgot that I have ’em =). I decided to get my fave shades in Mint and Pink and then added this Peachy Orange shade to try.

Etude House Ice Cream Nails #OR202 

Isn’t the packaging the cutest? I fell in love with it and daym! I was so sold LOL Can’t say anything but ADORABLE   I scream ICE CREAAAMMM!!!

One cent tho, when I was testing it on Etude House, I found out that when you open it, the cone handle comes off and you need to close it tightly for the cap to stick again. Does it happen to yours too? Not a big deal tho, it is cute so I still love it ha-ha

Formula is very thick. It is tricky to apply unlike my other Etude House nail polishes. Honestly, I had a hard time applying it at first but was able to manage it after two tries :\

(SUGGESTION: You should apply a thin layer first or else you’ll wipe it off and apply again and again) It is so tricky to apply so it needs your patience hi-hi)

It dries quickly and better with top coat for a glossy finish. The color is pretty love it!


 What I like about it

– Cute packaging
– Gorgeous shade

 What I don’t like about it

– The handle comes off easily
– Tricky to apply


This is perfect to give as a gift to your friends and the like. Oh, cute packaging is my weakness hi-hi. Gtg, I’ll be doing some nail art with this yay!

Doll questions:

1. Do you own this cute nail polishes? If so, what shade?

2.  How do you find the Etude House Ice Cream Nails #OR202 ?

Next time, I’ll share my review on Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish in #BL601.

Stay tuned dolls!


NOTD: 4th of July Nail art


Happy 4th of July my lovely dolls! Here’s a quick NOTD (Nail Of The Day) that I did just today…

(It’s 3AM and I’m so bored that’s why decided to do my nails, apparently I can’t find my nail art brushes so please accept this design gomen ne~ )

Nail polishes that I used:

 Etude House Petit Darling in Blue

(the one that I also used on Blue Hue nail art)

  LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails Shimmering #05 Garnet Red

  Etude House Coat

 Stars nail bling

 Etude House Nail art pen #2

Got to go dolls  Off to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. How about you? Care to share your 4th of July inspiration?


Etude House Dear my Neon Pop Nails NPK001 Scandalous Pink


Dear my Neon Pop Nails NPK001 Scandalous Pink

Capacity : 9ml

PRICE: Php178

It is a gorgeous bright, Barbie-pink – It’s like a highlighter  the color really pops Oh my Pink!!!

It is very pigmented, applies smooth and long-lasting. One coat is enough. Hands down to Etude House coz their nail polishes have great quality


I think the 2nd picture is closer to the real shade ^ ^ hi-hi. Anyways, my nail polish collection is growing and I need a new storage hu-hu. I am thinking of making a D-I-Y nail storage. Actually I already have an idea  I want something new and not like the usual d-i-y nail polish wall rack that you see. Hmmmm… Any new ideas dolls?

Who else love Neon Pink nail polishes?


NOTD: Blue Hue


Whoah! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Nail of the Day gomen ne!

Anyway, here’s the nail art I wore on my special day. A closer look will not hurt right?! ^ ^ *wink … And a lot of you guys liked it ARIGATOU NE!!!

I use Etude HOuse Petit Darling in Blue and then add on some girly stickers yay <3

Y’know, ribbons and laces and flowers… Lovely isn’t it?!

I am so amazed with this nail polish because it is extremely pigmented and smooth to apply. I can’t believe with its price, you’ll get this outcome. It is definitely  a great steal!!!

It is very comparable to O.P.I’s quality and I just wish there’s a big size for this.

I love Pink but Blue is cute too 🙂 Love it !!!

What do you think about this design?