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Hello dolls! Minna genki? Time flies really fast I can’t believe I will be celebrating my birthday next month yay! I am so excited ^ ^. We still don’t have plans tho as I have no time these past days but hey you can follow me on Instagram for updates *wink wink

Today I’ll be sharing with y’all some amazing photos from my Instagram account

I got these awesome package from BEAUTEQUE.COM and waiting for the product reviews posts to be publish.

I so miss you SUMMER!!! Can’t wait to hit the beach 🙂

This outfit is so comfy and gorgeous I love it <3 #WIWT

Totally in love with this lippie, can you guess what shade and what brand?

Today is my cheat day! Whoosah! After long hours of work, I deserve these! ^ ^

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My Christmas Wishlists 2013


I just want you for my own ♫
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas ♫
Is you ♫ ♫

Christmas is just around the corner! I am so excited for gifts, good foods, parties and so on. Today I’d like to share with you my Christmas Wishlist for this year. Yay!

1. NAKED 3 – Who doesn’t like this?! This is so gorgeous ME LIKEY ^ ^

2. CHANEL CHANCE – My fave perfume. I’ve been using this for yearsss <3

3.  LOUBOUTIN RED HEELS – I want a new Red heels yay!

4. MOSCHINO BELT – So fashionable! Period.

5. BABYLISS PERFECT CURL -This is want I need coz I don’t have so much time to do my hair and this one can do the magic in seconds.

6. MICHAEL KORS ROSE GOLDEN RUNWAY WATCH – I am in love with it <3

7. YSL ROUGE VOLUPTE PROVOCATIVE PINK LIPSTICK –  Another Barbie lipstick for me! Yay!!!

8. PINK MAKEUP CASE – I love makeup and I need a new make up case and it must be girly and PINK like this!

Oh I have so much more to add but have no space anymore ho-ho. Anyway, now that you know my wishlist, feel free to send em to me ASAP ^^

Ayt! I guess that’s pretty much it. How about you? What’s your Top 3 Christmas wishes? Comment away!