Paint Can Spray on Nail Polish

Doing your nails is pretty time-consuming and girls who’ve gotten nail polish all over their fingers trying to paint and achieve that perfect nail polish. Fret not,  a futuristic spray-on nail polish is now available! I freaked out and I got so excited upon hearing the news. I was so intrigued about Spray paint manicures ^ ^. I guess our prayers have been answered yay!

Nails Inc. released a spray polish — called Paint Can — claiming that it will give you a flawless mani in seconds. The product is set to launch in three different shades: Hoxton Market (hot pink), Shoreditch Lane (silver) and Mayfair Lane (light pink) with plans to add a red, neutral and rose gold this summer. I wish Sephora will have this amazing product this Spring 2016.

I guess this is a fun and speedy alternative to a boring at-home polish change. What do you think?