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Top 5 Clothing Brands In 2014

There are many top clothing brands that influences fashionistas and with their remarkable products it transform us into a head turned one. Below are my top 5 for this year.


5. VERSACE -An Italian brand founded by Gianni Versace, with all his effort, Versace made this brand one of the top influential brand with the sharp cuts, appealing fabrics and the like. After the death of Gianne Versace, his sister Donatella Versace became the new director.

4. BURBERRY – A British fashion house founded by Thomas Burberry. Popular in clothes, fragrances, sunglasses, cosmetics and a lot more. it has a remarkable logo and who would not recognized the trench coat that was designed by the founder.Totally outstanding designs!

3. PRADA – An Italian fashion house and one of the widely renowed brands founded by Mario Prada. Popular with their fragrances, accessories, jewelries, etc. Its identity is PRESTIGE. The company was lead by Prada’s grand daughter Miuccia Prada. What we love with Prada is that they always have something stylish and classy designs.

2. CHANEL – Founded by Coco Chanel in 1909. A high fashion house specialized in haute couture, fragrances, accessories, luxury goods and a lot more. It is one of the luxurious clothing brands in the world and with Karl Lagerfeld’s wit, he helped the brand rule the fahsion world.

1. LOUIS VUITTON – (Louis Vuitton Malletier) A French fashion house founded  by Louis Vuitton. Unquestionably the leading international fashion house and sells goods in sophisticated department stores and boutiques. Specializes in bags, shoes, jewelries, sunglasses, accessories and books. With talented designers, they continue to build and make the brand more powerful in fashion world.

Great thing about Patch cable


Finally I can record music and songs with our new patch cable that dad bought the other day. I really had a hard time recording last month and even my mentor was not satisfied with the results. This cable is really good for noise reduction and if you’re like me who is having troubles with the noise and all that then this one is for you. You can find it online just make sure you get originals and from well-known company only.

Happy Thanksgiving dolls


Hello dolls! Ohhh, I had fun preparing yum foods hi-hi and games for the kids *winks Today is the chance for families to spend time together and  a good time to reflect on the love that you have for one another, as well as sharing your thoughts about what you feel grateful for.



I want a Pearl Drum


You might have a little idea about my blog title if you are a musician. Yup, if you have a brother or friends who plays drum they probably know about this brand. I am overwhelmed when I first saw the variety especially the Sound Check 5-Piece Shell Pack and guess what? I already made a purchase! I am just so in love with it. If this is the first time that you will be setting your own set, don’t hesitate to get this brand as it is well known, very durable and trusted brand. Check out some of their sets here. You do not have to shell out a lot of cash as they understand what you need in terms of quality and price. This is  a great Christmas gift for my brother in law thanks to them I don’t need to go out anymore and waste my time searching and browsing the stores for this. How about you? DO you love to play drums too? Are you a member of a band? Let me know int he comment area. Great day dolls!

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Ready for Christmas


Hello there! Christmas is just around the corner and I don’t know how to set schedules on buying Christmas decorations and all. There are so many people in the malls and I just can’t take the traffic hi-hi Good thing there’s online shopping and I guess I am just lucky today as I have discovered a new site selling all the items that I need and I am sure you need these too. Like the Holiday Splendor Garland, some ornaments and Christmas designs, radko from christmasplace has everything and we do not need to go out anymore to buy stuff for Christmas. Do you have a Christmas tree already on your house? Ohh, I’d love to see it dolls! You can tag me on the comment area and I’d love to share it in my social networks.

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All about DJ mixers


Shiek once told me that his ultimate dream is to be a DJ someday. I saw his childhood pictures having toys like the ones that a real DJ own. His dad bought everything way back and he even showed me his brother’s guest room which turned out to be a music room that is full of musical instruments plus his dad’s three channel mixer. I wonder if his dad was a DJ before but it was his father’s cousin. Hubby’s birthday is just a few months away and our conversation just made me decide to give him a mixer from musician’s friend.com. I know he will be happy with my gift and I wish someday his dream will come true. 

Discover Sunny isles real estate


One of our plans in the future is to buy another property away from our place where we can call another home. Since we always travel and love to see different places, I finally decided where to get one and I mentioned this plan to hubby then he agreed yay! Where else can you see a place where you can smile when you wake up, start a good day with amazing view nowhere but in sunny isles real estate at this site. It is on Southeast tip of Florida directly on the Atlantic Ocean on Collins Ave. You can enjoy top-rated restaurants, spa’s and outdoor activities. With easy access to South Beach, Bal Harbour, and the Miami area. I am excited to bring the family there and create new memories.

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