The Solution


A lot of you are tweeting me and sending me messages that you can’t comment on my posts. Gomen ne! I had problems with my host.

My gorgeous friend Kei helped me to optimized my site and solved my problem, days past it was OK but still, after a few days the problem occurred again …

I asked Gel and one of my dolls Rhea about HEXSOLUTIONS and I added them on FB right away. While Nikko was not online I asked my doll Rhea what important things to back up coz It’s my first time transferring to a new host. Mann! T’was funny coz I was nervous thinking I could make a mistake haha.. So noob!!! 😛

And then…

It was so hassle coz when I was doing the back up for the MYSQL stuff I encountered some errors. Then the following day I can’t view my new blog oh mannnn! I was thinking I should really wait for Nikko. He gave me instructions and try to fix the prob. I have work so I asked him to continue it at night.

Well, I am happy coz I was able to restore everything even if he is not online Whoohoo!!! Yokatta ne ~!

Now that I have the solution to my problem, Alldolled-up is back and absolutely hungry for superb entries and product reviews for y’all…

It is indeed true that HexSolutions simplified my life!

They are very nice and helpful to a newbie like me when it comes to these things so I gave their service 5/5

Two Thumbs Up!!!

I am happy that my fashion site is up finally coz I have so many things to blog and to review ^ ^ . Thank you for always checking the site and reading past entries. I promise, you will never encounter any problems again.


FYI, all the websites and shops that you see here are highly recommended by ME! So if you see that I am promoting them here, it only means that you will never have any problems dealing with them and will always receive professional service.

So remember dolls, Once I recommend a product, websites, shops and the like, It is 200% trust worthy and reliable!

I am not getting paid to say this or whatnot. This is my honest opinion!!!

Before I go, check this new site that I discovered. It is helpful for people who wants to start an online store…


 Time to blog hop!!!

Shhhhh I went online shopping the other day, See what’s inside this package on my next entry <3


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