Yoga blanket

My friends started attending Yoga class last weekend and I have heard a lot of positive feedbacks about it. It is fun and they already met new friends. I am still busy with some business matters but will definitely join them next month. They already bought their stuff and I still need to buy mine. Since I don’t have a lot of time to go out and check some shops, I might buy colorful cotton yoga blanket and other stuff online. This is the fastest and only convenient way to buy especially to busy people like me. I am so jealous with my friends particularly when I saw their current photos on Face book. Well, I am excited to join you guys and I will also buy you all some apparel, mat bags and bolsters. Can’t wait to join them and be more fit.


  1. I’ve been wanting to try out yoga for a while now.
    I hope you enjoy it when you do start 🙂
    And agreed, online shopping is the next best thing when one is super busy.

    Have a great weekend x

    • @Michelle: Yeah I am excited ^ ^ .. Good thing there’s so many legit websites to shop great stuff *wink
      You too 🙂 Happy Saturday xoxo

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